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ProductXchange v. 5.9 (28.06.2016) Release Notes

Delivered version: 5.9 (28.06.2016)

Delivery Date: 28.06.2016

Changes for period: 22.06.2016 – 28.06.2016

Additions and changes

Edit existing product and Create new product
Changes with data requirements view button

ProductXchange bugs

Missing Delete product filter button Closed
National filter navigation is wrong Closed
SDS list exporting to excel throws error/td>

UI improvement on showing Create product button on search pages Closed
Products not delivered to WP Closed
Unable to add product after searching – missing button for add Closed
Issue with Delete system filter Closed


Tasks for functionality changes for ProductXchange are tested by describing test cases and preparing test data or visual inspection. Resolved bugs were retested and verified.