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ProductXchange v. 6.50 (27.06.2017) Release Notes

Delivered version: 6.50 (27.06.2017)

Delivery Date: 27.06.2017

Changes for period: 06.06.2017 – 27.06.2017

Additions and changes

Link to the project added in the email when inviting a company
Spanish translation for Information sheet added

ProductXchange bugs

Translate Information sheet – JavaScript Error in Console Fixed
Workplaces change names after moving them to a company branch with the help of super user logins Fixed
Filter in Workplace Dashboard doesn’t work Fixed
Inconsistencies in deviations Fixed
Error message when sending feedback to manufacturers about products with deviations Fixed
Name of invited WP of wholesaler is shown instead of billed WP in report Fixed
Different BPs count in Billing Data and PXC report, when WP contains imported and merged products Fixed
Unable to print documents with pdf read-only Fixed

coBuilderPRO (27.06.2017) Release Notes

coBuilderPRO bugs

Missing email to regarding registartion/activation Fixed
Root folder inconsistencies Fixed
Give APP access to a user – wrong message Fixed

ProductXchange v. 6.40 (06.06.2017) Release Notes

Delivered version: 6.40 (06.06.2017)

Delivery Date: 06.06.2017

Changes for period:16.05.2017 – 06.06.2017

Additions and changes

Confirmation message when deleting a filter is added
Add contractor in CC when inviting a company
Billing info to update company form added

ProductXchange bugs

Close Product Types Without Delivery when adding a product to workplace Fixed
Import Child Company doesn’t work Fixed
Billing address is empty when register company with Free license Fixed