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ProductXchange v. 5.96 (05.01.2017) Release Notes

Delivered version: 5.96 (05.01.2017)

Delivery Date: 05.01.2017

Changes for period: 14.12.2016- 05.01.2017

Additions and changes

Product view improvements

ProductXchange bugs

Products edited from PXC are flagged as Project Specific instead of being duplicated Fixed
SDS on workplace is missing supplier Fixed
Sign for existing information sheet appears, but the information sheet is missing Fixed
“Connect” throws general error for uploaded file Fixed
Invite company to a workplace returns error – UK accounts Fixed
Workplaces with recursion appears in ProductXChange when 2 workplaces invite each other simultaneously Fixed
Registeration of a company already existing in the CRM Fixed
Loading my hierarchy is slow Fixed
coBuilder FREE – Workplace in e-mail and link are different In progress
Contact person and user on a WP does not receive e-mails about SDS updates In progress