Release Notes February 2017 2017-04-20T15:08:16+00:00

ProductXchange v. 5.97 (02.02.2017) Release Notes

Delivered version: 5.97 (02.02.2017)

Delivery Date: 02.02.2017

Changes for period: 11.01.2016- 02.02.2017

Additions and changes

Cookie policy updated
Project specific documents can be printed and opened from a context menu
Products without attached documents are displayed on WPs and orders

ProductXchange bugs

Missing property in construction filter setup Fixed
Copy of filter is not created when edit company filter on a WP Fixed
View icon doesn’t work in risk assessment list Fixed
Deviations Counters mismatch Fixed
Print full version of SDS’s returns a file with compressed version In progress
Documents can’t be opened from a tab Documents in the product view PXC In progress

ProductXchange v. 5.98 (23.02.2017) Release Notes

Delivered version: 5.98 (23.02.2017)

Delivery Date: 23.02.2017

Changes for period: 02.02.2016- 23.02.2017

Additions and changes

Message when trying to register a company that has already been registered is modified
Search modified

ProductXchange bugs

A subworkplace is displayed incorrectly in the list of invited companies Fixed
“Untick all” doesn’t work in multipage data deliverables page Fixed