RELEASE NOTE SEPTEMBER 2015 2017-03-09T14:31:42+00:00

ProductXchange v. 5.0 (17.09.2015) Release Notes

Delivered version: 5.0 (17.09.2015)

Delivery Date: 17.09.2015

Changes for period: 13.08.2015 – 17.09.2015

Additions and changes

User administration should control user activation
Show For Import checkbox should be hidden
Report on products used by companies without Products and Documents subscription
Intelligent suggestion for registered workplaces
Change the default Contact Person on the subcontractor
Distribute wizard with a new step for Workplace Documents

ProductXchange bugs

Add document exception Closed
Invite company by email – exception Closed
Unable to archive WP Closed
Cannot create region – an error occured Closed
Issues with search unregistered workplaces and paging Closed
Login page UI issue Closed
Problem with registration – company and user not created in PXC Closed
Connect product log not updated Closed
Issue with deleting products from own child workplaces Closed
Unregistered workplaces created with many duplicate IDs Closed
Dropdown remains hidden in ViewMyHierarchy Closed
Wrong PNC count on dashboard Closed
QR-code pdf is not generated in corresponding language Closed
UI issue Edit risk assessment – title is not aligned Closed
Missing text of the email for sending feedback on products in non compliance Closed
Project information report issues Closed


Tasks for functionality changes for ProductXchange are tested by describing test cases and preparing test data or visual inspection. Resolved bugs were retested and verified.