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ProductXchange v. 4.8 (13.08 2015) Release Notes

Delivered version: 4.8 (13.08 2015)

Delivery Date: 13.08 2015

Changes for period: 16.07 2015 – 13.08 2015

Additions and changes

Extend invite company search with string search options
Workplace dashboard summary should have an update button
Product type search improvement
All Workplace Contact Persons should receive notifications
Mapping of orders should keep track of the subcontractor
Separate Workplace IDs coming from Connect Services

ProductXchange bugs

Optimization of speed in PXC Resolved
Issues with sorting of products Closed
Registration emails for SDS module not sent Closed
Product log, successful orders goes out of page area Closed
Unregistered workplace search does not work Closed
Same notification sent every hour Closed
Feedback column visible with no products for feedback Closed
Missing unarchive menu for invited subcontractors Closed
Issue with deleting products from own child workplaces Closed
Users shall be able to search on a part of the product name Closed
Create workplace – exception Closed
Exception when creating information sheet Closed
Document search returns documents from a different BU Closed
Exception when selecting product assessment main button Closed
Align centered sorting arrows in My Hierarchy/Workplaces Closed
Sorting arrows are removed after adding product to workplace Closed


Tasks for functionality changes for ProductXchange are tested by describing test cases and preparing test data or visual inspection. Resolved bugs were retested and verified.