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Your Project Your Rules

Via ProductXchange and our soon to be released Data Requirements Tool, you can easily set up the data requirements for your organization or project and reuse/edit them on multiple projects.

  • Populate the Asset Information Model with ease. ProductXchange sets your project data requirements according to your projects’ Asset Information Requirements and Employers Information Requirements (UK context)
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  • Always deliver what is required. Take advantage of an advanced filter system designed to help you meet specific client, legislative or environmental data requirements.
  • Centralised Requirements Management. Assign specific product and data requirements to each subcontractor, such as date of delivery and the attribute data they must deliver.
  • Keep values on point. Set your data requirements to the extent where you can monitor whether certain parameters are met (e.g. u-value) by the products that the subcontractors are installing.
  • Sustainable construction. With ProductXchange you can also raise your projects’ market value by adding environmental filtering, based on standards such as BREEAM or LEED.
  • Chemical Filters. Set requirements and avoid or monitor the use of hazardous chemicals while making sure all documentation required by law is present on your digital project.
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