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productXchange enables designers to explore BIM products like never before

Explore products like never before

ProductXchange allows you to select the product properties that you require, such as, fire rating, U value, sound insulation, water tightness or any other preference. You can then search for the products that meet your requirements ( ProductXchange has over 2.5M products in its data base)

Merchant’s that use ProductXchange can automatically send all the product information that designers and specifiers require directly to the productXchange database, which can in turn populate the FM systems, COBie, BIM.

Now that you have specified the product properties you want and collected the as built data, you can now check against the BIM models to validate that the purchased/as built products meets your specification, effectively allowing you to monitor any mismatches in the “as-designed” – “as-built” transition.

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  • Design your buildings/infrastructure based on product performance without needing to select specific products
  • When selecting products you can simply and efficiently find products and product data via our database of over 2.5M products
  • No need to rely on BIM objects for specification
  • Cut down your product research time and cost
  • Check that that your designed product parameters with your BIM are met within the as built BIM

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Designers can now explore products like never before