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Data to Asset Information Models

Having confirmed the accuracy of your information, you can now easily deliver to Asset Information Models via coBuilder’s free plugins for Revit, Navisworks and ARCHICAD. Alternatively, you can use the built in IFC viewer or deliver a COBie export. You can also use the API Automation services to integrate the collected and checked data in internal systems or provide it as a service to your clients.

  • Deliver accurate as-built data. Distribute your as-built product data to Asset Information Models and FM tools. Enjoy the limitless possibilities of interoperable data.
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  • Export project data to COBie. The export contains information populated in the Facility, Type, Document and Attribute sheets.
  • Model tagging capabilities. Embed or link data and documents to 3D models by using coBuilder’s free Revit, ARCHICAD or Navisworks plugins or ProductXchange’s own BIM Viewer.
  • Export to PDF. You can also export documentation related to the products installed on your project as individual PDF’s neatly organized within a ZIP archive for use outside of ProductXchange.
  • API Automation. Access and integrate your digital project information with third-party software.
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