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As-Built Data from the Supply Chain

Via ProductXchange’s integration with goBIM – the digital data solution for manufacturers, you can collect the data and documents you require directly from the most credible source of truth.

  • Collect data from the most credible source. Collect the data and documents you need for your project directly from the manufacturer via goBIM.
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  • Work through best practice. goBIM has over 700 Product Data Templates (PDTs) that meet the CEN 442 and LEXiCON requirements.
  • Collaborate with the manufacturer. Communicate directly with the manufacturer by sending system requests for missing documents/information.
  • Ensure it is accurate data. When using goBIM to collect the manufacturers data you are ensuring it is the most recent and accurate information.
  • A product’s digital passport. Enjoy knowing all the attributes of each product installed on your project through the comprehensive product view. You can also view all the associated Declarations of Performance, Safety Data Sheets, Environmental Product Declarations, Assembly instructions and further documentation all in one place.
  • Aid the subcontractor. If a product is not available in the database, subcontractors can create a project-specific product or submit product documentation and coBuilder’s Customer Care and Delivery Team can get it done for them.
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