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Clients or Facility Managers

As a facility manager, you will always be able to populate your software with the correct data

No more surprises

ProductXchange stores accurate data during every stage of the building process. By doing so, it provides invaluable information for any building owner or facility manager while minimizing discrepancies between “as-designed” and “as-built” models and ensuring you can manage your assets efficiently. All the data from the products that have been used is BIM ready and can easily be exported into any FM system of your choice.

ProductXchange redefines “actual” in “actual cost measuring” by serving as a unifying multifunctional platform organizing seamless information flow between players by delivering accurate information. Through ProductXchange’s automated data delivery system you will always know, what you build and what you own, as all your product information is at your fingertips. This therefore means O&M and health and safety manuals are easy to produce and costly surveys of your building during handover stage are not required. Also when products need replacing you can interrogate your FM systems, data base or BIM to identify the product collect all the data you need about the product so that you can easily find a new one and replace it.

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  • Ensure “as-designed” matches “as-built”. Product information/data is collected automatically during the course of the building
  • Have the data attributed via a Product Data Sheets to a model
  • Make sure your contractors provide accurate and updated as-built information
  • Receive all the installed product data within your chosen database or BIM model ready for the Facility Managers
  • Increase transparency in the cost of what you have purchased i.e. true costs as opposed to design costs
  • Save time and money when making O&M Manuals
  • Reduce the time and money when undertaking hand over surveys
  • Have the entire as built product data at your fingers tips so it is easy to find and replace products within your assets
  • Save money on costly hand over surveys, as all the actual product data is available in multiple formats

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