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Validation & Verification

While collecting data and documents, ProductXchange will automatically check the information against your requirements. In case of a deviation, you will be notified, so you can address the issue with your suppliers or subcontractors.

  • Are requirements met? ProductXchange provides automated validation of the collected data and documents against the previously set requirements.
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  • Verification of as-built against as-designed. Automatic verification of collected attribute values against the actual values set in a filter.
  • Collaboration with the supply chain. ProductXchange allows you to communicate directly with the manufacturer or subcontractor by sending system requests for missing or incorrect data or documents.
  • Chemical Validation. ProductXchange validates whether products meet the chemical filter criteria set previously, eg. if products containing chemicals are supplemented with the required documents for their usage on site.
  • Environmental Validation. The system identifies weather documents such as the EPD – Environmental Product Declaration are in place for a certain product or chemical, helping you meet environmental certification requirements.
  • Comparison and Risk assessment. ProductXchange can compare products & chemical given that SDS data is available to rate them and provide a risk assessment template.
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