ProductXchange – your projects’ as built data repository

Set your project data requirements, collect data via goBIM, check against your requirements, export to BIM and COBie

ProductXchange your as built data repository

Collect as built data and distribute to BIM software & FM systems

  • The way to deliver your checked and verified as built COBie;
  • Set your company’s and project’s data and document requirements;
  • Collect as built data both from your suppliers and sub-contractors through an automated process;
  • Check you project’s database for missing documents or products in non-compliance with the filters you have set;
  • Pride yourself with an excellent handover process through ProductXchange’s profound data delivery services.
Uploaded documents
Products in the system
Years of creating value

We have been looking for a comprehensive BIM data solution with multi-language capabilities that maps international and local standards and that automatically updates data sheets, EPDs, BREEAM ratings, brochures, COBie exports etc. We have found this solution with coBuilder.

Paul Surin, Wienerberger AG

When it comes to product data management, I feel that coBuilder has made a habit out of raising the bar for the industry. We have happily trusted them with our data needs for 14 years already.

Randi Lekanger, SKANSKA

coBuilder’s solutions have changed our ways of collecting documentation,
saving us a massive amount of time and effort in the process.

Tom Ivar Myhre, Backe Gruppen

Making our Safety Data Sheets available in ProductXchange gives our customers a simple and effective way to control product complience with REACH and EU requirements.

Morten Herregården, FUCHS

International member of


buildingSMART is the worldwide authority driving transformation of the built environment through
creation & adoption of open, international standards

buildingSMART developed the common data schema (IFC) that makes possible the information exchange between project team members and across the software applications for design, construction, procurement, maintenance and operations, that they commonly use within the building life cycle.